Miramonte Veterinary Hospital
1766 Miramonte Ave, Mountain View 94040   650-962-8338
Our Services
Accredited since 1996
·        Radiology
·        Endoscopy
·        Intensive Care Unit
·        In-house Laboratory
·        Complete Pharmacy        
·        Cardiac & Abdominal Ultrasound
·        Complete Surgical Center
·        Advanced Anesthetic Monitoring Equipment
·        Advanced Dental Equipment

On-Site Specialists

·        Radiologist
·        Soft Tissue & Orthopedic Surgeons
·        Cardiologist

Off-Site Specialists

Via computer, FAX and phone, we regularly consult with veterinary behaviorists,
cardiologists, dermatologists, internists, neurologists, oncologists, ophthalmologists,
pathologists, radiologists, and soft tissue and othopedic surgeons.

Referral to a specialist is always presented as an option when appropriate.

Full Service Veterinary Care for Companion Animals

·        Preventative wellness programs customized to your pet’s age & breed
·        Available after hours by phone
·        Pet drop-off appointments
·        House call services
·        Prescription drug & diet delivery