Miramonte Veterinary Hospital
1766 Miramonte Ave, Mountain View 94040   650-962-8338
Client Comments
Accredited since 1996
"Your professionalism and compassion are truly unparalleled.  Our trips to visit you were well worth the
effort and teamwork.  We feel so lucky and blessed to have you as our doctor (and medical team!) and
are truly thankful for the world’s best care that you provide.  Many, many thanks for all you do."

"Thank you for all of your kindness and support during a difficult time.  I think that you are a wonderful
doctor.  I know that there aren’t many out there like you."

"You all are so kind and thoughtful even to the smallest of creatures.  Thanks for your wonderful work."

"I want to express my sincere thanks to you for taking time to discuss my dog's condition.  The
information you provided was invaluable in helping us make
decisions and fully understand the situation."

"Your gentle manner, obvious expertise, and excellent communication skills will continue to make your
practice a successful one – you should be very proud. "

"Your staff leaves one with the impression of being very friendly, courteous and compassionate.  The
overall impression of Miramonte Veterinary Hospital is first class and that everyone really does care
about the animals’ welfare.  Keep up the good work.  I will be very pleased to recommend Miramonte
Veterinary Hospital to all who ask."

"We have had the pleasure of taking in and sharing our lives with many pets over the years and in so
doing have utilized the services of several veterinary facilities.  You and your staff rate up with the very
best that we have encountered."  

"I was especially impressed with the number of times you spoke with me on the telephone and in
person at great length regarding my pet’s prognosis and treatment.  In all of those conversations I never
got the feeling of being hurried.  I felt fully informed and therefore there were no real surprises.  Thank
you for going the extra mile."